Call for Audiologist Research: Counseling During Real-Ear Measurements: The Clinician Perspective

A large majority of hearing aid candidates either do not have, or do not often wear their hearing aids, and studies have indicated that one factor for low hearing aid uptake is lack of counseling and support from the clinician. Ryall, Jenstad, et al. (2021) explored ways to improve verbal and visual aspects of informational counselling during REM and found that clients want to know more about the REM process. Clients asking to know more about the REM process, along with the availability of visual counseling tools, is an opportunity to maximize how counseling is conducted and the first step is to better understand the verbal aspect of counseling during hearing aid fitting.  

This project, Counseling during Real-Ear Measurements: The Clinician Perspective, is for a Master of Science thesis. The purpose of this study is to investigate clinicians’ views on what information should be conveyed during REM informational counseling. By participating in this research, you may help provide support for new clinicians who are learning to conduct REM.