2018 AAMHL Web Conference

Coping with Hearing Loss: Strategies for Musical People

Date: November 17, 2018, 2:00-3:30 pm EST

Sponsored by: StenoKnight CART Services

Hearing loss is a debilitating condition that creates stigma and immense stress, especially if you are a professional or even an amateur musician. In our 2018 web conference, we take a look at ways of developing coping strategies for the emotional journey of living with hearing loss and the many stresses it brings. AAMHL is extremely pleased to have two presenters with strong musical backgrounds share their stories and their strategies.

Pianist Pat Dobbs will share her own story of losing her hearing after a very musical upbringing, and how she eventually developed the Hearing Loss Evolution and its Nine Guiding Principles as a way of assisting others on their hearing loss journey.

As she began losing her hearing, string bassist Gaelen McCormick was often overwhelmed and resentful of what was happening to her. But she had been taking classes in meditation and her instructors patiently supported her transformation as a late-deafened adult who happens to be a musician. She learned to use the simple actions of watching and counting breaths to center herself and regain control. Her presentation will offer some very basic elements of mindfulness and practical ways to apply them in everyday life.

This event will have real-time captioning and the registration fee is $25 per person USD. It officially begins at 1 and ends at 2:30, but the Zoom conference link will have starting and ending times with a 30-minute window to give attendees time to get used to the software interface and additional time for post-conference discussion.