2021 CHHA National Educational Conference

On June 3, learn about ‘Music & Hearing Aids’ with Dr. Marshall Chasin.
Given the limitations of many modern digital hearing aids to handle the more intense inputs that are characteristic of many forms of music, there are a number of clinical strategies and newer hearing aid technologies that can be useful. Clinical strategies consist of those approaches that can be remediated in a clinical setting while technological strategies are hard wired into the hearing aid circuitry. This session lead by Dr. Marshall Chasin will review a number of different approaches, including a discussion of the benefits of “post-16 bit” technology for music and hearing aids.  Audio files will be used to demonstrate the benefit of these approaches.

Also on June 3, join Penn State University Professor Saeed Abdullah & Johnna Blair for an in-depth look at  ‘How to make smart voice assistants (like Siri and Amazon Alexa) more Accessible to Hearing Needs.’ Professor Saeed Abdullah & Johnna Blair will educate attendees on how to make smart voice assistants (like Siri and Amazon Alexa) more accessible to hearing needs.  As well, they will highlight some of the next steps for designing voice-interaction systems that are more accessible to users who are hard of hearing and improving overall inclusivity in design.

Check out our website for the full conference agenda and to register – www.chhaconference.ca