World Congress of Audiology 2018

The World Audiology Congress due to be held at the Cape Town Convention Centre, Cape Town, South Africa is due to be held from 27  – 31 October. The congress will also feature Otorhinolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery and Cochlear tracks. There will be three Round Table Plenary Sessions, one on each day of the conference chaired by Sharon Kujawa (USA), De Wet Swanepoel (South Africa) and Louise Hickson (Australia) on topics such as ” Synaptopathy Basic Sciences and Clinical Implications”; ” Equitable Access to Healthy Hearing” and “Family Centred Audiological Care for Children and Adults”.

Other special sessions and workshops include ” eHealth in Audiology: Perspectives, Opportunities and Challenges” chaired by Gabriella Tognola (Italy); “eHealth II: Trends in Technology Development as well as Service Delivery from Multiple Perspectives” by Stefan Launer (Switzerland) and “Wikipedia Edit-a-thon” by Thais Morata (USA). The call for abstracts closes on 16 April 2018.