Hearing Health Campaigns

Hear What You May Be Missing, May 2017

Why Understanding How Hearing Works Can Help You Preserve It

Hearing Aids Are Getting Smaller and Sounding Better

Posters to Promote Hearing Health Management to the Public Two posters are available to members of CAA to help support the message to be aware of changes in your hearing ability and to see an audiologist for hearing tests. We suggest that you send the file(s) to a local quick printer or stationery store for printing on the size of paper/stock indicated in file name. CAA members download the Posters now.

The Role of Audiologists This PowerPoint Presentation (PPT) is available to CAA members to use as a support to educate Family Practitioners on the role of Audiologists. It provides an ‘Audiology 101’ approach for the Family Practitioner to understanding hearing loss, evaluation, management and impact on health/quality of life.  CAA members download the PPT now.

Maintain Hearing For Life With Regular Testing And Diligent Protection, May 2016

Vision and Hearing Health, May 2014

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