How Can I Keep My Ears Clean?

It is fine to remove any ear wax after a shower or bath from the outer part of the ear (the part that you see when you look at a person), but do NOT use Q-tips or any other object that probes the ear. Not only can you push the ear wax further in, but there is a risk of scratching the ear canal wall, or even damaging the eardrum.

Some people may be prone to building up ear wax, while others hardly get any at all. If you suspect an abnormal amount of wax, see your family doctor or ear doctor. They may recommend putting drops of olive oil or mineral oil in the ear canal a few days before it is removed. These types of oils will soften the wax, and make the removal process more enjoyable.

However, nothing should be put in the ear without a consultation with an appropriate health care individual. People with holes in their eardrums should be wary of putting any fl uids in their ears unless instructed to by a physician.

Itchiness in the ears can be a sign of either too much or too little wax. Generally physicians will only remove enough ear wax in order to get a good look at the eardrum. Most physicians will leave some wax in the ear in order to let it do its protective work.