University Challenge Submissions 2015

University Challenge Submissions – Promoting the Field of Audiology/Hearing Health Awareness to the General Public

Canadian Academy of Audiology University Challenge is open to graduating audiology classes all over Canada. We task the graduating students with coming up with ways to promote the field of Audiology/Hearing Health Awareness to the general public.

Thank you to all of the students who took part! As you will see, the calibre of submissions is remarkable. In the end, the winning submission was sent in from Western University. Please help promote May month by sharing these submissions!


Western University: Class of 2015 – University Challenge Winner for 2015 

Western University, Class of 2015, won the University Challenge last year.  The students strongly felt there was a need for better hearing health awareness among health care professionals.  For this project, the audiology students targeted students as well as faculty members within medical schools across Canada. They created a brief educational video to promote inter-professional collaboration between audiologists and physicians. The video outlines four case studies of instances during primary care or emergency rotations which warrant a referral to audiology.

Their project sparked great interest among medical school curriculum coordinators, with the video gaining traction (through distribution) with several medical faculties around Canada.

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Dalhousie University: Class of 2015

Dalhousie University, Class of 2015, submitted a thought provoking video directed at the general public. The video’s intent was to encourage people to acknowledge the importance of the sense of hearing and to gain some appreciation into how it would feel to no longer hear your “favourite sounds”.   To quote Dalhousie University Class of 2015: “We want to raise awareness for something that cannot be seen, for voices that are often not heard. Audiologists have the ability to turn the volume up on one of our most cherished senses that helps us connect with one another.”

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University of British Columbia: Class of 2015

The University of British Columbia, Class of 2015, submitted an informative and light-hearted handout intended to empower individuals to become more proactive about their hearing health.  The idea here was to come up with an easy means to get information to the general public.  Print and use this brochure to spread the word about hearing health awareness!

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