May is Speech and Hearing Awareness Month

Our ability to communicate effectively with family members, friends and the general public is something we often take for granted.  An inability to communicate can have a debilitating effect on our quality of life.

Throughout the month of May, audiologists put in extra effort to highlight the importance of hearing health within our communities. This year, the Canadian Academy of Audiology, (CAA) is helping audiologists all over Canada to promote hearing healthcare by sharing projects submitted by the next generation of audiologists from University of British Columbia, Western University and Dalhousie University.

Last year we launched the first Canadian Academy of Audiology University Challenge to graduating audiology classes all over Canada. We tasked the graduating students with coming up with ways to promote the field of Audiology/Hearing Health Awareness to the general public.

We have posted the students submissions on our website for you to use in your practice to help promote May Month.

Thank you to all of the students who took part! As you will see, the calibre of submissions is remarkable.

Congratulations to Western University winner of the first CAA University Challenge Cup!

Please help promote May month by sharing these submissions!