Archived VCM: Virtual Conference Modules – Fall 2021

Virtual Conference Modules (VCM): 
More than a webinar, shorter than a full-day conference!


The CAA education event fall 2021 will be a series of virtual conference modules from September through early December 2021.  Each 2-hour, themed module contains more variety than a webinar and is easier to fit into your schedule.

It is clear to us that October 2021 is too soon to expect our registrants, speakers and sponsors to travel to Kelowna for our previously planned on-site event.  We are confident that you will enjoy our uniquely planned 4 VCM series.

Themes are:

1. ‘Trends in Paediatric Hearing Care’   Aired Sept. 21, 7-9 PM ET
•    Keynote: Andrea Pittman, Arizona State University
•    20 questions expert Marlene Bagatto, Western University
Watch the archived recording here

2.‘Supporting Adults with Hearing Loss’ Aired Oct. 20, 7-9 PM ET
•    Keynote: Esther Oh, Johns Hopkins University
•    20 questions expert Lorienne Jenstad, University of British Columbia

Watch the archived recording here

3. Implantable Hearing Technologies   Aired Nov. 13, 11AM-1PM ET
•    Keynote: Ellen Andries, Antwerp University
•    20 questions expert Bill Hodgetts, iRSM University of Alberta

Watch the archived recording here

4. The following panel of international industry experts discuss The Future of Hearing Aid technology    Aired Dec. 4th, 11:00 AM -1:00 PM ET

• Filip Roenne – WS Audiology
• Thomas Behrens – Oticon
• Jill Mecklenburger – GnResound
• Sara Burdak – Starkey
• Gurjit Singh – Sonova

Watch the archived recording here