Who is a candidate for a cochlear implant?

Cochlear implants are available to children and adults in Canada who meet the following criteria:


  • Must demonstrate a moderate to severe/profound sensorineural hearing loss
  • Have limited benefit from optimally fitted amplification
  • Prelingually deafened adults who use oral language as their primary mode of communication, or after (post-linguistic) learning speech and language
  • Postlingually deafened (as defined by acquired deafness after the age of five years)
  • No medical contraindications
  • Realistic expectations and a desire to be a part of the hearing world


  • Age 0-18 years
  • Severe-to-Profound sensorineural hearing loss bilaterally
  • Receive little or no benefit from appropriate hearing aids
  • No medical contraindications
  • An educational placement where the development of listening and speaking skills is emphasized
  • Family support that includes the commitment to the rehabilitative process