COVID19 Helpful Links

COVID19 Helpful Links

Dear CAA Members,

Everyone in our Audiology community has been seriously impacted by this pandemic. We understand that you are all concerned about the impact on your patients, staff, clinics, companies and families. Students and Universities face complex challenges and regulatory colleges/bodies are working hard to try to provide support and resolve unforeseen challenges.

There is a wealth of material in the news and shared amongst individuals. While we encourage community spirit, we continue to encourage you to verify any facts or information with credible sources. Check in with your provincial regulatory college or association responsible for practice rules. We know the regulatory colleges are sending a stream of updates, member website posts and working hard on the phones and email to keep up with your challenges.

We have seen decisions by reliable government agencies changing from one day to the next as the legislation and decisions by various federal, provincial and municipal government.  We are still encouraging you to do daily checks to your 3 levels of government to avoid confusion. Federal, Provincial and Municipal health; Federal EI and business support sites, Provincial relief funding. While EI is overseen by the Federal government individual provinces and territories might be providing additional supports and deferrals of financial obligations. See relevant links below.

Your regulatory colleges are providing guidance on scope of practice and focusing on the law in the provinces/territories and leading to protecting the public.  Note also that questions related to tele-audiology are guided by the regulators re scope of practice and users must comply with the Provincial sections of the Federal Privacy Act outlining limitations and laws on safe use of various methods to communicate with Patients.

To help understand issues related to e-Audiology CAA is hosting a webinar free to all within the next 7 to 14 days. The webinar is entitled ‘e-Audiology for now and the future’ by Audiologist Bill Campbell MClSc. We will send the abstract and details soon.   

I would also like to take some time tonight to address our student members directly. I know that you are confused and worried about your future. I can say with certainty – Canadian universities, regulatory colleges and associations are working hard right now to resolve the challenges you are facing.  CAA is also here to support you within our scope of a professional association. Reach out to each other or a mentor for support.  We are here and working with your representatives to find ways we can support you.

We have many more extraordinary weeks ahead.  While I have no doubt, these are difficult days, Audiologists will and must support each other positively through the long haul. We are all in this together.

COVID19 Resources – March 26, 2020

Facilitating your information needs:
We have provided a list of links to your regulatory college websites where you will find COVID19 messages and links. We have also included links to the Employment Insurance website. We urge you to continue to monitor federal, provincial and municipal government websites to ensure that you are informed about the health and employment related mandates and policies.
Canadian Government Public Health site links:

Business Owners:

Join BDC experts as they share short-term economic perspectives and advice on how to manage through the crisis. Register to this webinar now.

Regulatory College Websites/Contacts

Employment insurance links

  • Programs
  • Notices
  • Also check your provincial government sites for added financial support for you, your employees and your business

More Helpful Links


Community social media and chat groups:

While CAA cannot endorse these sites or the content within because we cannot verify all the facts and recommendations made within, there are informal community platforms available for audiologists online to discuss current situations.  Here are a few:

We are continuing to move ahead with our priorities to support you as Audiology professionals. We will provide further updates in the weeks and months ahead. Take care, reach out to each other for support and let us know if we can do anything to assist with education and advocacy. We hope you and all Canadians stay safe during this exceptionally challenging time.

Sarah Mason, MCl.Sc, AuD, President of Canadian Academy of Audiology