May is Speech & Hearing Awareness Month

Every year, thousands of professionals involved with the treatment of speech, language and hearing disorders come together to participate in a public awareness campaign that encourages early detection and prevention of communication disorders and seeks to increase the public’s sensitivity to the challenges faced by individuals experiencing them. During the month of May, we also highlight the importance of the many benefits that Audiologists can provide to the public through diagnosis and treatment of hearing disorders.

Our campaign for May Month includes the following “Hearing is a Social Sense / L’audition est un sens social” video, which focuses on the isolating social consequences of hearing loss.

Watch the video now (French subtitles available).

We also have the following Don’t Disconnect – Awareness Video included in both English and French.

We are calling on YOU to help us get that message out to the public. Please check out the videos and please SHARE it via Facebook, Twitter, e-mail or any other medium available to you and ask others to do the same! Thank you and Happy May Month!