Barbara Weinstein

A Professor of Audiology at the Graduate Center, CUNY and the founding Executive Officer of Doctoral Programs in Public Health, Nursing Science and Physical Therapy at the Graduate Center, CUNY. Dr. Barbara Weinstein earned her PhD in Audiology from Columbia University where she began her career as an Academic!!  A recognized opinion leader in the field of audiology, Dr. Weinstein is the author of both editions of the text titled Geriatric Audiology and is the co-developer of the family of Hearing Handicap Inventories. The Hearing Handicap Inventories have been translated into 20+ different languages and is the most widely used patient reported outcome measure used to document  hearing aid outcomes, efficacy of rehabilitation/counseling/e-rehabilitation and the benefits of cochlear implants. Dr. Weinstein is currently engaged in public health research in non-traditional settings including hospital emergency departments and in naturally occurring retirement communities (NORCS).