Francois Julita

Francois’ professional life is mainly driven by new digital technologies and the impact on society, work and private life. As a “child” of the early dot-com era he witnessed the growth of the internet, it’s hype and the transition to maturity. His work in Innovation at Sonova reflects the constant change in consumer behavior and the digital transformation of the industry. In his role he is responsible for driving new concepts and developing new types of digital solutions, meeting fundamental needs of consumers and professionals alike. Prior to this role he was responsible for Software Product Management and eBusiness at Phonak. He has extensive experience in Digital Strategy, eHealth, eBusiness, Software Development and mobile Solutions and was responsible for many eBusiness and Digital Projects for Fortune500 companies over past 15 years. He received his Master in Science at Zurich University of Technology (ETH) and holds a postgraduate degree in Master of eBusiness Engineering. He has also been teaching and lecturing at University for many years in domains like eBusiness and Business Planning.