Linda Thibodeau

Dr. Linda Thibodeau is a Professor at the University of Texas at Dallas in the Audiology Doctoral program since 1996. Prior to that she worked at The University of Texas at Austin, at the University of Texas Speech and Hearing Institute, in otolaryngology clinics, and in the public schools. She teaches in the areas of Amplification and Pediatric and Adult Auditory Rehabilitation and serves as a consultant to several school districts and hearing aid manufacturers. As part of her teaching, she provides opportunities for students to connect with couples and families who experience the challenges of hearing loss. Through week-long workshops (SIARC) or weekend retreats (Camp CHAT), each graduate student is paired with a couple or family to assess their needs, try new hearing aid or wireless microphone technology, and practice communication strategies. The students experience their challenges first hand as they help families try the technology in restaurants, on tours, and in camp activities such as going on zip lines, climbing on rock walls, and in communication games. Dr. Thibodeau’s research at the Advanced Hearing Research Center of the Callier Center for Communication Disorders involves evaluation of the speech perception of listeners with hearing loss and auditory processing problems as well as evaluation of amplification systems and hearing assistance technology to help those persons. Most recently, she collaborated with University of North Texas Health Science Center to study the relationship between balance and improvement of hearing through wireless microphone technology. She has received funding from the National Institutes of Health, Deafness Research Foundation, National Organization of Hearing Research, Texas Medical Research Council, and the Office of Special Education for her research. In 2011, Dr. Thibodeau received the Cheryl DeConde Johnson Award recognizing Outstanding Achievement in Educational Audiology. Dr. Thibodeau has served as co-chair of the ANSI committee for Electroacoustic Evaluation of Hearing Assistive Devices/Systems, Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of the Academy of Rehabilitative Audiology 2002-2011, and currently is Past- Academy of Rehabilitative Audiology President of the Academy of Rehabilitative Audiology.