Maja Bülow

Maja Bülow (M.A.) is Senior Innovation Audiologist at Widex A/S. dept. Innovation management and new product planning, global marketing. She works at Widex HQ in Lynge, Denmark. Maja  is a cross conceptual architect for the company’s 5 year roadmap, and concept developer for audiological services and end-user empowerment. This implies all stages of the innovation cycle; explore megatrends in technology and health care, identify opportunities, ideate, pre and prototype solutions, discuss technical implications and make user and market tests to ensure attract-ability, feasibility and viability before a project moves on to development stages.

Maja joined Widex A/S 23 years ago, from the university hospital in Gentofte where she worked as a clinical audiologist after her MA degree in Audiologpeadics from the university of Copenhagen. She has worked as clinical researcher and global product trainer, as lead of clinical research projects during development of the Senso+, Senso P, Diva and Inteo Hearing aid platforms, and as Lead audiologist and user experience designer for Compass fitting software and hand held-programmers. Since 2011 she left the product lifecycle, and concentrated entirely on the front-end projects in Audiology innovation lab, MY.WIDEX.COM, Mobile health, Widex Beyond, remote services.