Mead Killion

Mead Killion is the founder and Chief Technology Officer of Etymotic
Research, an R&D organization whose mission includes:
1) Helping people hear,
2) Helping people preserve their hearing,
3) Helping people enjoy hearing, and
4) Improving hearing tests.
Killion is an Adjunct Professor of Audiology at Northwestern University. He holds two degrees in mathematics and a third degree in audiology plus an honorary doctor of science from Wabash College. He has published 80 papers and 20 book chapters in the fields of acoustics, psychoacoustics, transducers, and hearing aids, and has lectured in 19 foreign countries. Killion helped design several generations of hearing aid microphones, earphones and integrated circuit amplifiers. His research has resulted in dramatic increases in the sound quality of hearing aids, earplugs, and earphones. As a consultant to the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, he has been active in introducing high fidelity hearing protection for musicians. He is a member of the Board of Trustees of VanderCook College of Music. He has 77 U.S. patents issued, with 17 patents pending. In addition, Killion is a dedicated choir director, a violinist, an amateur jazz pianist, has run 32 marathons, and enjoys sailing.