Salima Jiwani

Salima Jiwani received her Ph.D. from the University of Toronto in December 2014. During her Ph.D., Salima explored the long-term development of the auditory system in adolescents who have used a cochlear implant to hear for most of their lives. She now works as a Clinical Territory Manager with Cochlear Canada Inc., providing support to clinicians and researchers who work with cochlear implants and bone anchored hearing devices. Salima also completed an M.Sc. in Audiology and a Master Thesis at Dalhousie University, where she investigated the reliability of a paired-click auditory brainstem response test for detecting Vestibular Schwannomas. In addition, Salima holds an H.B.A. in Linguistics and French from the University of Toronto. Salima Jiwani has worked with adults and children and has always been interested in working with people suffering from challenging auditory disabilities, to help them perform better in a hearing world. Outside of work hours, Salima is an advocate for the profession of audiology as a Director on the Board of the Canadian Academy of Audiology. In this role, she encourages clinical research in the field of audiology to promote an evidence-based practice in clinic and a translational approach to research.