FP-8: Advanced Considerations for Pediatric Hearing Aid Fitting


Audiologists enhance auditory access for children with hearing loss by following evidence-based procedures for hearing aid fitting. However, even with early diagnosis and intervention, many children who wear hearing aids experience persistent delays in communication and academic outcomes compared to peers with normal hearing.  Applying a holistic view based on enhancing auditory experience for children with hearing loss who use hearing aids can provide audiologists with a framework for identifying children who may be at risk for persistent delays and to modify intervention.  In this presentation, clinical tools for quantifying auditory experience will be highlighted. Case studies will be used to demonstrate how these approaches can be implemented in clinical practice to improve outcomes for children who use hearing aids.

Learning Objectives:

Participants will be able to:

  1. Implement audibility-based criteria for hearing aid fitting and modifying intervention for children with hearing loss who use hearing aids.
  2. Identify red flags that foreshadow potential developmental delays in children with hearing loss.
  3. Incorporate outcome measures that can document developmental progress in children with hearing loss.