TP-4: Family Centred Care – The View from The Client’s Chair


In the person/family/human-centred hearing care model, the client collaborates with the hearing care professional to create workable outcomes that suit the client’s whole-life communication needs. To be emotionally and practically successful, however, these strategies must include the client’s important familial and social relationships, which in turn requires the participation of the family (however that is defined by the client). What does this actually mean for the person with hearing loss? What are the roles, responsibilities and goals of each participant involved in attaining the successful hearing loss life? What strategies and concepts can the HCP introduce that will help the client take charge of achieving their own communication success? This dynamic presentation looks at a positive family-centred hearing care model from the viewpoint of the client, that includes strategies that are not traditionally offered in the HCP’s office. The workshop, delivered by hearing health advocate Gael Hannan who has experienced a lifetime of audiologic care, includes time for a Q & A discussion period.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Develop a better understanding of how family centred hearing care impacts a client’s overall life
  2. Identify the roles and responsibilities of the client and family members in the holistic hearing care model
  3. Detail a focused trio of strategies that help the client/family live more skillfully with hearing loss.