TP-2: From Techno Savvy to Tech No-Savvy: A Patient-centered Approach


Many resources are available that emphasize the importance of using a patient-centered approach to hearing health care (e.g. IDA institute).  In the stress of busy clinic life, it can be difficult to incorporate all aspects of patient-centered care.  Potential and existing hearing aid users also come to our clinics with a wide variety of technology experiences and comfort with today’s technologies.  Audiologists are the experts best positioned to match technology to the patient’s skill and needs.  Information will be reviewed to provide an overview of current technology trends. Examples of the variety of patients encountered and options for addressing their needs will be reviewed. This presentation will provide an overview of critical components of the patient-centered process, including speech recognition information and options for a needs assessment. A variety of tools will be discussed to assist audiologists who seek to provide effect and efficient care.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Incorporate a patient-centered plan for hearing aid care that is sustainable in a busy clinic schedule
  2. Include essential patient-performance data into the hearing aid assessment process
  3. Use currently available accessories to promote best communication