TA-1: From the Booth and Beyond: Vestibular and Balance Function Testing in Children


This one-hour session will focus on children presenting with vestibular and balance complaints, with and without hearing loss. The most common etiologies will be considered. We will review the mainstays and challenges of testing in this population as well as outline some simple screening tools. The impact of vestibular and balance dysfunction will be viewed from the context of the child’s development. We will look to the future, at the increasing role of pediatric vestibular testing in clinical practice and potential screening protocols.  Ample time will be left for questions and discussion.

Learning objectives:

Upon completion of this lecture, attendees will be able to:

  1. Identify the clinical presentation of a child with vestibular dysfunction

  2. Determine the role of vestibular end-organ testing in the clinical evaluation of a child presenting with vestibular and balance complaints

  3. Interpret the results of vestibular and balance testing

  4. Assess the risk of vestibular and balance dysfunction in the child presenting with hearing loss

  5. Describe the impact of vestibular impairment on pediatric development