SA-3: Helping Your Tinnitus Patients


Those with tinnitus can be very stressed.  There is no cure at this time.  Often they can have problems getting to sleep, focusing, and hearing.  It is difficult for others at work and at home to understand their stress.  In the clinic, it is important to show them that you care and you want to be helpful.  Tinnitus Activities Treatment is a picture-based approach based on the four areas 1) thoughts and emotions, 2) Hearing , 3) Sleep and 4) Concentration.  We often start with a group session.  Most of these patients have hearing loss, and also will benefit from hearing aids.  A wide variety of sound therapy is now available, and the sound (waterfalls, raindrops, music, and more) can be turned on or off, and adjusted in level. Most patients benefit.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the wide variety of problems that can be faced by a  tinnitus patients
  2. Be able to connect with patients, individuals who are stressed and their partners
  3. Understand the wide variety of sound therapies available, and how to implement a trial period for tinnitus sufferers
  4. Develop a comprehensive tinnitus clinic