Pre-Con B: Improving Cochlear Implant Patient Outcomes: Clinical, Technological, and Scientific Factors


Outline of topics to be covered:

  • Factors affecting cochlear implant patient outcomes: adult and pediatric recipients (~ 2 hours)
  • Determining cochlear implant candidacy including bimodal hearing versus bilateral cochlear implantation: data-driven guidance for clinical audiologists (1 hour)
  • Clinical tips and tricks for improving cochlear implant patient outcomes: patient, audiologic, and technological factors (1.5 hours)
  • Interactive Q&A including case study questions (attendees could describe cases and/or submit complex cases ahead of time for group discussion) (30 to 45 min)

Learning objectives:

  1. After attending this pre-conference symposium, attendees will be able to:
  2. Describe the current cochlear implant indications for adults and children and current auditory profile of patients who could derive benefit from cochlear implantation.
  3. State the clinical factors impacting patient outcomes
  4. Describe the technological factors significantly impacting patient outcomes
  5. List clinical tips one could integrate into their clinical practice to maximize patient outcomes and address patient complaints.