Poster Presentations & Evaluations 1

Authors Title
Karin Bork, Amy McDonald Systematic literature review of cortical auditory-evoked potentials to determine accurate hearing thresholds for early intervention
Mathieu Hotton, Jean-Pierre Gagné Validity and reliability of a new clinical tool designed to assess the audiological needs of individuals with hearing loss.
Rana El-Naji, Susan Scollie, Christine Brown, Marlene Bagatto Performance of non-surgical transcutaneous bone conduction hearing devices
Craig Spencer, Niels Sogaard Jensen, Oliver Townend Perceptual benefits of patient-driven fine-tuning using machine-learning technology
Sasha Brown, Lorienne Jenstad, Angela Ryall, Ellen Stephenson Changes in the prevalence and characteristics of hearing loss in a noise-exposed population
Janine Verge, Anne Griffin, Dana Song Current accessibility strategies in audiology practice: a review of the 2019 CAA accessibility survey results
Rex Banks, Dany Pineault Tinnitus in Canada
Elsaeid Alieldin Cochlear implant outcome in unusual cases
Olawale Ogundiran, Olujimi Odetoyinbo, James Enajero Tobih, Adedayo Olugbenga Olaosun, Benjamin Adekunle Eegunranti Auditory brainstem responses of schizophrenic patients in a Nigerian mental health clinic
Olawale Ogundiran Hearing loss, rehabilitation and job offers in Nigeria: a case series
Authors Title
Danielle DiFabio, Jessica Cekan, Paul Tremblay, Sheila Moodie The experience of parents after a diagnosis of permanent hearing loss: two approaches to data analysis yield similar but different results.
Xuan Nhi Nguyen, Alexis Pinsonnault, Wei Qiu, Adrian Fuente Auditory brainstem response Wave I enhancement with the use of an ear canal electrode
Hasitha Wimalarathna, Soodeh Nikan, Sangamanatha Ankmnal-Veeranna, Chris Allen, Jagath Samarabandu, Hanif Ladak, Prudence Allen Evaluation of auditory brainstem responses using continuous wavelet transform
Katie Rock, Molly Donnell, Nick Huntington-Klein, Jin Hyung Park, Anna Marie Jilla, Carole Johnson Affordability of hearing aids for low-income hearing-help seekers
Jessica Huddleston, J. Connor Sullivan, Kortney Bush, Jin Hyung Park, Carole Johnson, Jonathan Baldwin Children’s and adults’ sentence recognition and listening effort in noise
Robin O’Hagan, Benjamin Tran, Maaike Van Eeckhoutte, Susan Scollie, Danielle Glista Daily activities as described by Canadian children wearing hearing aids
Jasleen Singh, Karen Doherty Use of a mild-gain hearing aid for normal-hearing adults
Lyall Pacey, Peter Spafford, Sreejit Nair, Md Rasel Kabir School-age children’s ear health and hearing loss in northern Saskatchewan
Jin Hyung Park, Jessica Huddleston, Cecilia Wilkerson, Molly Donnell, Katie Rock, Anna Marie Jilla, Carole Johnson Use of the APHAB in randomized-controlled trials and longitudinal studies
Priya Kandasamy Application of transtheoretical model in geriatric hearing healthcare