TP-1: Therapeutic Techniques for Counseling Patients with Hearing Differences


Presentation Outline:  This presentation will center on teaching specific, pragmatic strategies for more effective counseling of individuals with hearing differences. These techniques are grounded in a patient-centered collaborative approach with patients and their families. The goal of these strategies is to improve patient engagement and drive behavior change, which may include better device compliance/usage and a deeper understanding of barriers to device usage. Specific strategies discussed will include rolling with resistance, how to avoid lecturing, considering the Stages of Change model, motivational interviewing, and eliciting “change talk”. This presentation will also include a discussion of deaf identity and multicultural identity, intersectionality, and the need to consider factors such as age, race, ethnicity and religion when counseling patients. Specific counseling examples will be reviewed and discussed, as well.

Learning Objectives:

  • Present specific strategies for improving counseling with patients
  • Discuss potential impact of multicultural factors on patient and provider experience
  • Review specific case examples to highlight these techniques