Types of CAPDs and Reliable Testing – The Oldies but Goodies and the Up In Coming

This session will provide useful information as to how to reliably diagnose the types of CAPDs. Because it is no longer appropriate to indicate that a general CAPD exists the CAPD Models (two internationally recognized and one promising) will be discussed. The types of CAPD are the same for adults and children; however some types are more commonly seen in the presence of attention or learning disorders. Attendees will have an understanding as to which test scores point to the types of CAPD and the benefits of an interdisciplinary approach in differential diagnoses.

Learning Objectives:
Participants will be able to:
1. Implement reliable evaluation in diagnosis of CAPD.
2. Describe the various models and behaviors associated with CAPD.
3. Determine subsequent screening measures for CAPD.
4. Express their knowledge regarding the administration of reliable and evidence supported testing.
5. Explain the current practices and future trends in diagnosis and differential diagnosis of CAPD.