We thank all our volunteers who have dedicated their time over the years by providing our members with opportunities for collaboration, education, research, advocacy and creating awareness.

CAA is fortunate to have a substantial number of committed Audiologists who participate on the volunteer working Board of Directors and the Committees. It is integral for the organization to continue growing to meet the needs of both current and potential members.

Accessibility Committee:

Janine Verge (Chair), Anne Griffin, Dana Song, Dekota Clayton, Eli Lubell, Lauren Peters, and Melanie Santhikumar

Conference Committee:

Jennifer Vosper

Conference Speaker Selection Committee:

Chris Allan (Chair), Dave Gordey, Michael Vekasi, Sarah Mason, Steve Lomber (from Science and Education committee) with Broad input from other researchers and clinicians

Vestibular Committee Members:

Michael Vekasi (Chair), Erica Zaia, Curtis Wetmore, Carolyn Falls, Ioan Curca, Mohamad Awada (student)

Committee of Past Presidents

Chris Allan (Chair), Margaret Young, Sarah Mason, Dave Gordey, Salima Jiwani, Marlene Bagatto, Chuck Fuller, Ronald Choquette, Anne Griffin, Carri Johnson, Steve Aiken, Susan Nelson-Oxford, Gurjit Singh, Bill Hodgetts, Jillian Price

Note: Only Past Presidents who are current CAA members qualify to be committee members.

Canadian Infant Hearing Task Force

Marlene Bagatto (Chair), Steve Aiken, Kate Baldoz, Jane Bowering, Diane Bremner, Lynne Brewster, Bill Campbell, Judy Davidson, Diana Dinon, Charlotte Douglas, Elizabeth Fitzpatrick, Robert Funnell, Chelsea Gambin, Jenny Hatton, Tony Herdman, Tanis Howarth, Kimberly Hurley, Julia KennedyDarren Leitao, Kaitlyn McKay, Theresa McVea, Cheryl Messier, Paul Mick, Sheila Moodie, Greg Noel, Hema Patel, Line Pelletier, Anouk Roy, Christine Santilli, Nael Shoman, Jacob Sulkers, Claude Anne Turmel, Brian Westerberg, Olivia Daub

Over-the-Counter Hearing Aid Interest Project Group

Marlene Bagatto (Chair), Steve Aiken, Steve Armstrong

Federal Health Partners on Third Party Funding:

Kassandra Kaminskas (Chair), Justyn Pisa, and Barb Bentley together with members of SAC and the Federal funding agencies, including: First Nations Health Authority (FNHA), Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB), Department of National Defence (DND), Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC), Medavie-Blue Cross, and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).

Science and Education Committee:

Steve Lomber (Chair), Melissa Polonenko, Salima Jiwani, Steve Aiken, Mathieu Hotton, Homira Osman, Joshua Baitz, Andreas Seelisch

Adult Hearing Healthcare Coalition

Tanis Howarth (Chair) is leading future CAA Adult Hearing Health matters.

Student Liaison Committee

Kassandra Kaminskas (Chair), Chris Allan, Sarah Mason, Jillian Price, and Margaret Young, together with student representatives from each of the Canadian Audiology graduate programs. Special thanks to CAA members who have participated in the engagement of our Student Members including Steve Aiken, Marlene Bagatto, Francois Bergeron, Uulace Campos, Bonnie Cooke, Angela Crowley, Josee Lagace, Glynnis Tidball, Salima Jiwani, and Nicole Sorensen.

Tinnitus Special Interest Group

Christiane Basilio (Chair), Jodi Haberstock, and Glynnis Tidball.

Direct Referral ENT

Dave Gordey, Audiologists and Otolaryngologists in each province and region.

Provincial Network of Audiology Committee

Andreas Seelisch (Chair), Dave Gordey, Margaret Young, Sarah Mason, Audiologists in each province and region.

Nomination Committee

Andreas Seelisch (Chair), Michael Vekasi, Jillian Price

Canadian Audiologist.ca – Editorial Committee

Dr. Marshall Chasin (Editor in Chief), Dr. Steve Aiken (Associate Editor), Gael Hannan, Dr. Michael Vekasi, Dr. Janine Verge, Erica Zaia, Anne Griffin, Dr. Sheila Moodie, Dr. Wayne Staab.