Benefits of Membership

Canadian Academy of Audiology (CAA) is the only national association devoted exclusively to the profession of audiology. CAA Membership Benefits Include:

Audiology Advocacy

The CAA Board of Directors and committees strive to advocate for audiologists all over Canada by providing a unified perspective on issues related to the professional of Audiology. For example:

  • CAA contributes significantly to the advocacy work of the Canadian Infant Hearing Task Force (CIHTF).  CIHTF has a multidisciplinary research and advocacy program aimed at making early hearing detection and intervention programs available across Canada.
  • CAA participates in joint initiatives with federal health funding agencies to optimize funding of hearing health services and efficient processing of claims for consumers. Please visit our website for updates on other advocacy projects.

Discounted Registration Fees

CAA members receive significant discounts on registration for our internationally acclaimed CAA Conference and Exhibition.

Supporting Future Audiologists

CAA encourages the growth of our profession by supporting audiology students.

Supporting the Canadian Audiologist Online Journal

CAA membership supports the publication of the Canadian Audiologist journal, the most read online audiology journal in Canada.


Be part of an organization whose mandate is to ensure that audiologists are recognized as the front line professionals for hearing healthcare.

Reduced Professional Liability Rates

These plans are exclusive to CAA members, do not have administrant fees, and include greater limits of liability and enhanced products. Read more about Liability insurance here.

Volunteer Opportunities

CAA provides volunteer opportunities to help shape the development of the audiology profession.

Audiologist’s Marketing Toolkit

CAA has created the Audiologist’s Marketing Toolkit to enable audiologists to promote their practice and/or the profession. The guide provides an overview of basic marketing principles and provides ideas relevant to audiologists.

Patient Education and Engagement Resources

Fact sheets on various topics such as Tinnitus, Amplification Options for Adults and Cochlear Implants are available to be downloaded and used to educate your patients/clients. Tools for engaging children, such as colouring sheets and connect-the-dots, are also available.

Join Or Renew Your Membership Today!

If you join CAA in the month of February, it will be valid for March 1, 2018 – Feb 28, 2019 year.

Canadian Academy of Audiology is a not-for-profit professional association dedicated to enhancing the role of audiologists as primary hearing health care providers through advocacy, education and research. The Academy’s vision is to represent the profession of audiology in Canada, and be the primary source of information to its members, external groups and to the public.