Benefits of Membership


Canadian Academy of Audiology (CAA) is the only national association devoted exclusively to the profession of audiology. CAA membership includes and supports:


The CAA Board of Directors and committees strive to advocate for audiologists all over Canada by providing a unified perspective on issues related to the professional of Audiology. For example, CAA:

  • Contributes significantly to the advocacy work of the Canadian Infant Hearing Task Force (CIHTF). CIHTF has a multidisciplinary research and advocacy program aimed at making early hearing detection and intervention programs available across Canada.
  • Participates in joint initiatives with federal health funding agencies to optimize funding of hearing health services and efficient processing of claims for consumers.
  • Meets with Senators and both Federal and Provincial Members of Parliament to increase awareness of the impact of hearing loss.
  • Supports regional projects to lobby for improvements in hearing health delivery.
  • Participated in activities leading to Bill C-81, the Federal Accessibility Act.
  • Works with the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association to connect with consumers.
  • Participated in the work to build national standards leading towards entry to practise exams for Canadian and International Audiologists to practise across Canada.

More Awareness Building Activities

  • Places articles and advertising about Audiology and hearing health in national publications distributed to millions of Canadians through digital and print media.
  • Interviews on national and local TV plus daily social media posts. We field many queries through our Website and Journal and connect people to service providers.
  • The is a member-only benefit to connect the public with Audiologists.
  • Audiology 101 is a member-only PPT presentation for Audiologists in teach Family Practitioners and others about Hearing Health and Audiology services.

Education, Communication and Research

  • CAA members receive significant discounts on registration for our internationally acclaimed CAA Conference and Exhibition.
  • CAA members have free access to webinars with international & Canadian speakers.
  • Members have free access to a blog and special articles of interest to Audiologists.
  • Guidelines, Scoping articles and position papers are available on our website.
  • CAA membership supports the Canadian Audiologist journal, the most read online audiology journal in Canada.
  • Posts to our newsletter, website and social media keep our community up to date.
  • CAA provides an annual grant of $5,000 or 2 X $2,500 for clinical research

Supporting Future Audiologists

  • CAA encourages the growth of our profession by supporting audiology students and early career practitioners.
  • 5 student academic award winners receive a free conference registration
  • 25 student volunteers receive free conference registration
  • Popular face to face annual networking/mentorship activity
  • Opportunities to submit posters and contributed conference talks
  • Students save on membership and conference registration
  • Students gain valuable experience as members of Board committees
  • Students have published in the Canadian Audiologist online journal
  • A bursary assists with conference travel expenses for one student
  • Early career graduates have lower conference registration and membership fees
  • CAA facilitates career mobility by providing an active career board and introducing members to leaders in the profession.

SAVE! Professional Liability Rates and Membership

  • Exclusive to CAA members, the liability insurance plans have no administration fees, and include greater limits of liability and enhanced products. Liability insurance details here.
  • MEMBERSHIP FEES are less than other national associations.

Audiologist’s Marketing and Engagement Resources

  • The Audiologist’s Marketing Toolkit provides an overview of basic marketing principles and ideas relevant to clinical audiologists.
  • Videos, slide shows and posters are available for Audiologists to promote hearing health in their community activities.
  • Audiology fact sheets are available to educate your patients/clients

Join Or Renew Your Membership Today!

If you join CAA in the month of February, it will be valid for March 1, 2019 – Feb 28, 2020 year.