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CAA is excited to offer our members expanded resources, courses and online content through our international partnership with the Ida Institute. The IDA institute was founded in 2007 as an independent non-profit organization with the mission to advance family and person-centred for hearing health care.  Their website offers a variety of online tools for audiologists, families, students and people with hearing loss. In 2017, the Ida Institute introduced an eLearning centre where audiologists can learn, interact and share knowledge.  This aligns with CAA’s mission to provide educational and innovative support for our members. CAA will also be offering CEUs for successfully completing endorsed course content on the IDA platform.

Articles and Tips

Clinician Well-being press release Ida Institute

  • New Ida Institute Learning Hall course launched today: Clinician Well-being

Free certificates and badges for CPD via Ida Learning Hall

  • Free Courses for CAA members

Reopening your practice safely during COVID-19 and staying person-centered 

  • Staying person-centered in a world of COVID-19 by Helle Gjønnes Møller

The Ida Institute: Advancing person-centered hearing care

  • The story of the Ida Institute and its mission to advance person-centered hearing care.

Communication tips for audiologists to share with patients

  • Great advice and insight from hearing health advocate, writer, and person with hearing loss Shari Eberts.

Making it personal

  • How one Inspired by Ida clinic in Texas makes a difference one house at a time.

Growing Up with hearing loss ages 0-3

  • We’ve added another chapter to the pediatric resource Growing Up with Hearing Loss.

Exploring hearing loss through ethnographic films

  • The power of ethnography for research, reflection, and education.

My Hearing Explained
An animation announces the new My Hearing Explained tool that helps hearing care professionals explain results of hearing tests in a simple and effective way. (You will need to create an account to access this tool). Video: My Hearing Explained

Applying Person-Centered Care (PCC) in the Appointment Webinar

IDA Webinar Aired May 27, 2020

Abstract: This webinar will translate person-centered care from theory into practice. The Calgary-Cambridge Guides and the Four Habits provide the framework of the session. The webinar will focus on the importance of applying person-centered care throughout the appointment and the research that demonstrates the reality of what happens when it comes to “walking the talk” of PCC.

Key learning points

  • Review the concept of person-centered care and define the key components of person-centered communication in hearing care and rehabilitation.
  • Revisit the Calgary-Cambridge Guides and introduce The Four Habits to facilitate a person-centered interaction.
  • Review key communication skills that are fundamental in any hearing care or rehabilitation scenario.

Speaker: Dr. Cherilee Rutherford, Senior Audiologist, Ida Institute

Cherilee is the senior audiologist at the Ida Institute. Her professional qualifications include a Bachelors degree in Speech-Language Therapy and Audiology (University of Stellenbosch), a Masters of Health Science and a Professional Doctorate in Audiology (Nova Southeastern University (Florida) as well as Postgraduate Certificates in Teaching and Learning for Higher Education (UCL, London) and Online Facilitation (University of Cape Town). Before joining Ida, Cherilee was the course director for the MSc in Advanced Audiology programme at University College London and lectured at the University of Cape Town in amplification technology and aural rehabilitation. She is a member of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) and the National Center for Evidence-based Practice in Communication Disorders (N-CEP) Aural Rehabilitation Clinical Practice Guideline Panel, and holds membership and registration with the American Academy of Audiology (AAA), International Society of Audiology (ISA), and the Health Professions Council of South Africa.

Cherilee’s role at the Ida institute involves the facilitation of Ida innovation seminars, international training and presentations, development of courses, and providing audiological input into Ida tools & resources.