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Disability Tax Credit Certificate

The wording related to eligibility criteria for the DTC Certificate is quite vague and has caused confusion for both audiologists and consumers. The goal of this document is to provide helpful tips, points of consideration and reference materials for audiologists as they complete the form. Disability Tax Credit Certification Tips (English) Disability Tax Credit Certification… Read More

CAA University Challenge

This year represents the third annual CAA University Challenge.  Last year we had some great submissions from each university, and University of Montreal was named the champion of the 2016 CAA University Challenge. Students from each graduating class, currently enrolled in a Canadian audiology program are invited to participate in promoting the field of audiology by creating any type of promotional material. … Read More



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Improving Art Museum Accessibility for Adults With Acquired Hearing Loss.

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Exploring the Relevance of Items in the Communicative Participation Item Bank (CPIB) for Individuals With Hearing Loss.

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