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May 2021 Hearing Month Campaign

We are pleased to offer you free access to a 3-part campaign to provide solutions for Phone and Video Calling for People with Hearing Loss. Link to this page for free access to a 3-part campaign to provide solutions. Read More

CAA Call for Board of Director Nominations

Get Involved! Become a CAA Board Member!  March 2021 Our Mission: The Canadian Academy of Audiology (CAA) is dedicated to enhancing the role of audiologists as primary hearing health care providers through advocacy, education and research. Our Goals: To build a network and a community of audiologists across Canada To be the public and professional… Read More

Audiologists working with children 12-17 needed for Western University study

Participants are needed for a research project titled: Hearing aid personalization with adolescents: A virtual synchronous focus group study to explore end-user and clinician perspectives. We are looking for audiologists who work with children aged 12-17 and who wear hearing aids to participate in study lead by researchers from Western University’s National Centre for Audiology.… Read More


Ten things to know about tinnitus

Ten things to know about tinnitus By Glynnis Tidball Reprinted with permission from The goal of this article is... Read More

Clinician Burnout

For years now, there has been frequent media coverage and articles posted online, describing Audiology as one of the top-ten... Read More

FYI: Hands & Voices

“Hands & Voices is a non-profit, parent-driven organization dedicated to supporting families of children who are deaf or hard of... Read More

Contact Us

We want to start a national conversation about all-things-audiology, so we are starting a members’ BLOG!  Members are invited to... Read More


3rd Annual Audiology Conference: Emerging Trends in Evaluation and Management of Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD)


This virtual conference series will engage and inform audiologists /students and related professionals interested in evaluation and management of CAPD for clients across the lifespan. The conference series will focus on: The role of auditory evoked potentials including cABR/FFR in evaluation and novel intervention strategies including ARIA and other computer based or virtual options.

For more information and to register visit: Audiology Conference – University of Saskatchewan

BSA Annual Conference 2021

We are pleased to announce that the British Society of Audiology Annual Conference, entitled Innovation through Adversity, will be taking place on Wednesday 6th October 2021 at the Mercure Sheffield St Paul’s Hotel. The BSA Annual Conference continues to be the leading UK scientific forum to bring together clinicians and researchers who have an interest in hearing, tinnitus and balance.

For more information and to register visit











2021 CHHA National Educational Conference


On June 3, learn about ‘Music & Hearing Aids’ with Dr. Marshall Chasin.
Given the limitations of many modern digital hearing aids to handle the more intense inputs that are characteristic of many forms of music, there are a number of clinical strategies and newer hearing aid technologies that can be useful. Clinical strategies consist of those approaches that can be remediated in a clinical setting while technological strategies are hard wired into the hearing aid circuitry. This session lead by Dr. Marshall Chasin will review a number of different approaches, including a discussion of the benefits of “post-16 bit” technology for music and hearing aids.  Audio files will be used to demonstrate the benefit of these approaches.

Also on June 3, join Penn State University Professor Saeed Abdullah & Johnna Blair for an in-depth look at  ‘How to make smart voice assistants (like Siri and Amazon Alexa) more Accessible to Hearing Needs.’ Professor Saeed Abdullah & Johnna Blair will educate attendees on how to make smart voice assistants (like Siri and Amazon Alexa) more accessible to hearing needs.  As well, they will highlight some of the next steps for designing voice-interaction systems that are more accessible to users who are hard of hearing and improving overall inclusivity in design.

Check out our website for the full conference agenda and to register –

Northeast Audiology Conference 2020

Virtual - University at Buffalo

This unique conference is entirely a student-run with the goal of mentoring students as well as providing a virtual conference.

The presentation lineup includes:

MARSHALL CHASIN, AUD – Music and Hearing Aids

STEVEN ARMSTRONG, B.ENG. – Hearables and Hearing Aids: what do they have in common?

SHARON KUJAWA, PHD – Cochlear Synaptopathy: Interrupting Communication from Ear to Brain

SAMIRA ANDERSON, AUD., PHD – Why Can’t I Hear in Noise? Looking for Answers Beyond the Audiogram

Register here

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