2017 ACSLPA Conference

Edmonton Marriott at River Cree Resort.

The conference theme is Connecting the Dots: Clinical, Counselling and Cultural Considerations in SLP and Audiology

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Symposium en audiologie

Université de Montréal

Changes in societal and technological evolution will have a major impact on professional practice in audiology. As a professional, how should one prepare for this fast approaching revolution?

  • What will public and private health services look like in 20 years? “
  • “Future demographic change and the profile of the elderly of tomorrow”
  • “Clinical audiology and telehealth to meet the growing needs of people with hearing problems”

Fonctionnalités avancées dans les prothèses auditives d’aujourd’hui

Université de Montréal

The conference will focus on the various advanced features of today’s hearing aids. Will be discussed features that are intended to meet the needs of patients at the level of:

  1. Audibility, intelligibility and sound comfort in silent environments
  2. Intelligibility and sound comfort in noisy environments
  3. Ease of use and convenience.

Nouveaux développements dans le domaine de l’évaluation audiologique de base

Université de Montréal

The purpose of this training will be to inform the participants on the latest developments (procedures, standards, interpretation, criteria for determining the suitability of tests, hygiene measures) of the tests that are part of an audiological evaluation protocol. Some additional tests (ultra high frequency audiometry, measurement of discomfort thresholds, detection of hyperacusis / misophony) will also be discussed.