Honours and Awards

The Canadian Academy of Audiology Awards Committee would like to draw your attention to the CAA Awards Program. This program supports the recognition of those who have made significant contributions to our profession.

President’s Award

Given in recognition of outstanding contribution to the development of the Academy (nominated by the President of the Academy, with the unanimous consent of the Board of Directors).

2017 Winner: Bill Hodgetts

Student Awards

Presented to an outstanding Audiology graduate student in Canada for academic or clinical excellence, outstanding research, or community service. Each Canadian program may nominate one student to be considered. The student award winner will be provided a plaque or certificate, one year’s membership in CAA, and complimentary conference registration to the CAA conference in order to receive their award.

2017 Winners:

Jean Kienapple Award for Clinical Excellence

Awarded to recognize clinicians who deliver outstanding clinical services on an ongoing basis, as recognized by peers and clients.

2017 Winner: Debbie Davis

William Cole Industry Award

Awarded to an individual or group of individuals working within the industry supporting hearing healthcare and hearing loss management. The award is given in recognition of outstanding achievement or contribution to improved hearing function; education and support of hearing healthcare providers; or outstanding humanitarian action to under-served populations affected by hearing loss.

2017 Winner: Steve Armstrong

Honours of the Academy

For outstanding contribution to audiology or a related field; such as the development of a significant clinical program, test procedure or protocol, an outstanding research project, teaching or mentoring, excellence in management of an audiology or related program, contribution to the field through advocacy or outstanding public relations efforts.

2017 Winner: Stacey Weber

Richard Seewald Career Award

Awarded to recognize a career in research, clinical practice, teaching, and/or mentoring young people. The candidate must have made significant contributions to the knowledge base, practice and/or teaching of audiology or a related field and have had a long term professional career.

2017 Winner: Terence Picton

Clinical Research Grant

2017 Winners: Andreas Seelisch, Sasha Brown 

Moneca Price Humanitarian Award

The Moneca Price Humanitarian award is presented to an audiologist in recognition of extraordinary humanitarian and community service, above and beyond the requirements of employment. The award is to honour the late Moneca Price, who took on significant leadership roles in both the Canadian Academy of Audiology (CAA) and the College of Audiologists and Speech Language Pathologists of Ontario (CASLPO).

Paul Kuttner Pioneer Award

The Paul Kuttner Pioneer Award is presented to a pioneer in audiology who has “boldly gone where no one has gone before” and been the first to embark on a new program or procedure which has impacted audiology service delivery in Canada.

CAA University Challenge Cup

Students from each graduating class, currently enrolled in a Canadian audiology program are invited to participate in promoting the field of audiology by creating promotional material. The promotional material will be used for the promotion of audiology month in October.  The winning school will be presented with the CAA University Challenge trophy.

2017 Winner: Dalhousie University

Watch the video created by Dalhousie University on raising awareness on vestibular audiology.

Vestibular audiology involves dealing with symptoms and disorders associated with vertigo, imbalance, hearing issues, visual issues, muscle and physical issues with secondary effects on cognition and mental health. Due to the debilitating effects vestibular problems can have on daily functioning, it is important to increase awareness to the public and also our fellow health professionals to promote the identification and management of vestibular symptoms through education and patient centered care.

We are extremely fortunate to be in such close proximity to the equipment used for vestibular testing and profound expertise surrounding vestibular audiology. With the gracious help from Nova Scotia Hearing and Speech Centers (NSHSC), we felt it was appropriate to do a video format for our submission, to provide a deeper understanding on the testing and services we are able to provide in the field of Vestibular audiology