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May is Speech & Hearing Awareness Month

May Month 2019 

This year for May Month, The Canadian Academy of Audiology is running a nationwide public awareness campaign to inform the population of the risks of unmanaged Hearing Loss. Recent research has shown that people are more likely to take action to manage their Hearing Loss and lower their risk of unwanted impacts if they are trying to avoid something they do not want to lose or do not want to experience.

With this knowledge and a drive to incite the public to take action on managing Hearing Loss, CAA has put together a robust campaign that includes:

  • Social Media Content for CAA and it’s members
  • Sponsored Messaging on CBC Podcasts Under the Influence (airing May 13 to 19) and Quirks & Quarks (airing May 21 to 24) — selected because they are the most downloaded of related CBC podcast programs with approx. 400K listeners.
  • Digital Advertising campaign on Google for distribution on appropriate sites
  • Social Media Advertising campaign on Facebook and Instagram
  • StarMetro news article and ad in print media supplement devoted to Hearing Health with distribution to between 500K and 600K readers. Additional distribution and 5 digital ads distributed in digital media with over 300 partner journals (on stands and online May 31).  The ‘Hearing Health Awareness’ campaign has been published in the StarMetro Toronto! It is available on shelves and also hosted on

The primary message is this: Hearing Loss doesn’t discriminate. It can happen at any age. We have chosen to highlight some of the risks of negative impacts of unmanaged Hearing Loss across several stages of life, from Infant to Senior. It is our goal to reach as many people as possible with this message, and we invite our members to join in spreading the word. We are pleased to provide some social media resources for you to use over the next couple of weeks. We encourage all of those engaged in the conversation to use the hashtag #HearingLossAction in all posts throughout the month and beyond to help push this movement forward.

Within the download link below you will find four images reflecting the key message for the Adult / Infant / Senior / Youth  to create posts for your social media channels.

CAA Members click here to download social media images.

Thank you for your action and support of CAA as we raise awareness to shift the public understanding of the importance of Hearing Health.

May Month 2018

Every year, thousands of professionals involved with the treatment of speech, language and hearing disorders come together to participate in a public awareness campaign that encourages early detection and prevention of communication disorders and seeks to increase the public’s sensitivity to the challenges faced by individuals experiencing them. During the month of May, we also highlight the importance of the many benefits that Audiologists can provide to the public through diagnosis and treatment of hearing disorders.

Our campaign for May Month includes the following “Hearing is a Social Sense / L’audition est un sens social” video, which focuses on the isolating social consequences of hearing loss.

Watch the video now (French subtitles available).

We also have the following Don’t Disconnect – Awareness Video in English and French. As well as the Living with Hearing Loss Video.

We are calling on YOU to help us get that message out to the public. Please check out the videos and please SHARE it via Facebook, Twitter, e-mail or any other medium available to you and ask others to do the same! Thank you and Happy May Month!

Stay Tuned for Additional May Month Hearing Health Awareness Campaigns!

October is National Audiology Month

While October is usually associated with beautiful fall colours, pumpkin flavoured coffee and Halloween, it is also an opportunity to celebrate National Audiology Awareness Month!

As audiologists, we are constantly reminded of how hearing loss can negatively affect communication between individuals and their connections to society. The work we do and the services we provide are essential to helping those who may feel isolated at home, behind in school or are suffering in silence.

October is our opportunity to promote what we do as audiologists! During this month, think about how you can advance the awareness of audiology to those around you. Could you give a talk on noise and hearing protection at a local elementary school? Can you schedule a lunch with a local clinic to discuss the prevalence of ear infections at this time of year? Have you contacted your local MLA or MP to stress the importance of supporting audiology services in our communities?

To aid in your efforts, CAA has provided a number of tools posted to our website

As well as these tools for CAA Members

  • CAA presentation to Family Practitioners on hearing loss and the role of Audiologists
  • Call to Action Hearing Loss Poster #1
  • Call to Action Hearing Loss Poster #2

We hope these materials will help you promote Audiology during October and beyond.

Best of luck and enjoy Audiology Awareness month!

The goal of National Audiology Month is to offer to audiologists a special occasion to promote and support the profession of audiology in Canada. To help you promote audiology in your community we have posted the submissions to the 2016 annual Canadian Academy of Audiology (CAA) University Cup Challenge. Students graduating from audiology programs across Canada were asked to develop methods to promote audiology to the public.

Université de Montréal – CAA University Cup Challenge Winner 2016

The Université de Montréal students created this video to promote the field of audiology by answering the question: What is an Audiologist?  Follow this link to watch the video.

University of British Columbia

UBC’s submission this year was a poster called “The Silent Sound Festival”. The students at UBC chose a poster format for this promotional material as their goal was to promote hearing healthcare to the “pub and festival crowd”. The students also suggested that a QR code could be added to the poster to create an interactive feature.  The code could link to a webpage where visitors could play popular songs and experience how those songs would sound with different kinds of hearing loss. This QR code could also lead to a website that provides more information on hearing protection and testing. Click here to view this poster.

Dalhousie University

Dalhousie students wrote an article using the description of the day to day activities of local DJs to highlight opportunities to prevent hearing loss. The Chronicle Herald (Nova Scotia), The Coast, and The Dalhousie Gazette all showed interest in the article! The students used the real life story telling technique as a means of relating better with the public. Please follow this link to view the article by the students from Dalhousie University.

Please share these links or draw inspiration from them and help promote audiology in your community!

Hearing Health Campaigns

Hear What You May Be Missing, May 2017

Why Understanding How Hearing Works Can Help You Preserve It

Hearing Aids Are Getting Smaller and Sounding Better

Posters to Promote Hearing Health Management to the Public Two posters are available to members of CAA to help support the message to be aware of changes in your hearing ability and to see an audiologist for hearing tests. We suggest that you send the file(s) to a local quick printer or stationery store for printing on the size of paper/stock indicated in file name. CAA members download the Posters now.

The Role of Audiologists This PowerPoint Presentation (PPT) is available to CAA members to use as a support to educate Family Practitioners on the role of Audiologists. It provides an ‘Audiology 101’ approach for the Family Practitioner to understanding hearing loss, evaluation, management and impact on health/quality of life.  CAA members download the PPT now.

Maintain Hearing For Life With Regular Testing And Diligent Protection, May 2016

Vision and Hearing Health, May 2014

May 2013
April 2012
May 2011
Calgary Herald, May 25, 2012
Vancouver Sun, May 22, 2012
Videos – Vidéo
  1. Hearing is a Social Sense / L’audition est un sens social
  2. Living with Hearing Loss Video
  3. Don’t Disconnect – Awareness Video – Regarder la vidéo en français
  4. A Not So Quiet Place: Living With Tinnitus – Dalhousie University CAA University Cup Challenge Winner 2018
  5. Watch the video on raising awareness on vestibular audiology.  – Dalhousie University CAA University Cup Challenge Winner 2017
  6. Vidéo: Qu’est-ce qu’un audiologiste?  Université de Montréal – CAA University Cup Challenge Winner 2016. The Université de Montréal students created this video to promote the field of audiology by answering the question: What is an Audiologist?  
Interview with Marshall Chasin and Jann Arden

Marshall Chasin was invited to be part of a Duracell initiative that involved the singer/songwriter Jann Arden. Over the course of 8 hours Marshall and Jann did 12 media interviews that included Breakfast TV, CTV, and a number of Internet media outlets.

Jann’s message was quite important. Her mother recently was fitted with hearing aids and is doing quite well.  Mrs. Arden has some cognitive decline but the family just assumed that her mom’s inability to communicate in some situations was just a normal response to the cognitive decline. The family physician suggested a hearing assessment and one was done showing a bilateral “70%” hearing loss. Understandably the family felt quite guilty- imagine not realizing that mom was hearing as if she was under the water and wearing industrial earplugs. Guilt is a common feeling among family members.

Hearing loss is a slow gradual process with no pain so it’s completely understandable that it is sometimes called the invisible handicap. Given the nature of gradual hearing loss the family should not be feeling guilty- it’s not as if blood gushed from the ears whenever there is a hearing loss.

The importance of the work of Dr Frank Lin from John’s Hopkins was discussed. He, and his colleagues were the first to link untreated hearing loss with cognitive decline. Early identification is not just for children; it is for all of us. Dr. Frank Lin and his colleagues at John’s Hopkins University are building an understanding of the implications of the link between the onset of dementia and the presence of hearing loss found in a large longitudinal study.

A solution is a massive educational effort by all stakeholders involved to ensure that hearing loss no longer remains invisible.

Marshall was able to demonstrate his new app called Temporary Hearing Loss Test (available on Apple and Android in a few weeks). This measures the hearing at 6000 HZ before noise or music exposure and then again after; the difference being a measure of temporary hearing loss, also known as TTS. Repeated TTS over time can result in permanent hearing loss- prevention is the cornerstone behind any educational program.

This was all part of a Duracell sponsored event called “#Stay Connected“. The importance of maintaining your hearing and seeing an audiologist was driven home to a wide ranging audience. Duracell has arranged for 10,000 screening hearing tests from the National Hearing Test – an NIH sponsored not for profit phone test, available until June 26, 2016 and can be accessed at 1-844-9DURACELL.”

Marshall Chasin, AuD, Doctor of Audiology, Queen Elizabeth ll Silver Diamond Jubilee Medal, Editor in Chief of the Canadian Audiologist


To help increase promote the profession and increase public awareness during both National Audiology Month and Speech and Hearing Awareness Month, and throughout the year, CAA has developed a set of easy-to-use tools for its members. See Marketing Resources for more information.