Archived Webinar: Personal Protection Equipment and Individuals with Hearing Loss: The Impact on Communication – June 23rd, 2020

Aired: Tuesday, June 23

Speaker: Dr. Dave Gordey, Past President of CAA, Oticon

Abstract: COVID-19 has prompted the use of face masks and shields in community spaces. For individuals with hearing loss, the impact of face masks on communication can be very challenging. When combined with imperfect listening environments, the use of face masks and shields may further degrade the speech signal and restrict access to visual cues. Research has shown face masks/shields can impact audibility for those who wear hearing technology, behaving like a filter for high frequencies (Goldman, Weinstein & Shiman, 2020). For children with hearing loss returning to school, it is likely they may encounter teachers and other school-based professionals who will be using personal protective equipment (PPE). The aim of this project was to evaluate the effect of different PPE on audibility for students with hearing loss.

Speaker Bio: Dave Gordey, Ph.D., Past President of CAA, Director, Oticon A/S

Dave Gordey has been a pediatric audiologist for twenty-seven years. Dave previously worked in a pediatric clinic and hospital in Victoria and North Vancouver. Dave is the director of pediatric audiology and research for Oticon A/S in Copenhagen, Denmark, and is the past president of the Canadian Academy of Audiology. Dave has taught at York University and at the University of British Columbia. Dave’s current research projects include pediatric hearing aids, bone conduction devices and children, unilateral hearing loss, the social and emotional development of children with hearing loss, and knowledge translation and implementation science in pediatric audiology.