Stephen G. Lomber

Stephen G. Lomber, Ph.D. is a Professor of Physiology, Psychology, and Neuroscience at McGill University where he holds the Canada Research Chair in Brain Plasticity and Development.  Dr. Lomber received degrees in Neurobiology from the University of Rochester (B.Sc.) and the Boston University School of Medicine (Ph.D.).  Dr. Lomber’s lab ( uses an integrated approach of psychophysics, electrophysiological recording, neuroanatomical techniques, and functional imaging to examine processing in the auditory cortex.  His lab has pioneered the use of focal cooling to reversibly deactivate regions of the cerebrum.  Work in his lab examines cortical plasticity in the presence and absence of acoustic input and following the initiation of auditory processing through the means of cochlear prosthetics.  Dr. Lomber serves on the Board of Directors of the Canadian Academy of Audiology and is on the Editorial Board of Hearing Research.