Susan Scollie

Dr. Susan Scollie is an Associate Professor at the National Centre for Audiology at the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario, Canada. Together with colleagues, she participates in the development of the DSL Method for hearing aid fitting, and leads the Child Amplification Laboratory Team, including Dr. Marlene Bagatto, Dr. Danielle Glista, Mr. Steve Beaulac, and former lab member Dr. Sheila Moodie. The Child Amp Lab works closely with Ontario’s Ministry of Children and Youth Services to develop, implement, and evaluate evidence-based protocols for the Ontario Infant Hearing Program. Recent research studies in the Child Amp Lab have included the development of fitting methods for frequency compression (based on Danielle Glista’s work), evaluation of outcomes with frequency compression and noise programs, and the development of both universal outcome measures protocols for the 0 – 6 age range (the well-known UWO PedAMP from Marlene Bagatto) as well as targeted outcome measures protocols aimed at high frequency hearing aid signal processing. Current research studies are focused on the use of aided evoked potentials as outcome measures, outcomes of early intervention, and the fitting of noise management programs for children who use hearing aids. We have recently begun investigating the use of aided evoked potentials as outcome measures, with studies by Dr. Danielle Glista and Dr. Viji Easwar, and collaboration with Dr. David Purcell and colleagues. Dr. Scollie also collaborates with colleagues including Drs. Paula Folkeard, Vijay Parsa, Ewan Macpherson, and Prudy Allen at the National Centre for Audiology to manage studies via the Translational Research Unit, a new laboratory that partners with industry to evaluate new products and procedures.