TA-2: Improved CounSELLing: Applying Known Sales Principles to Audiology


Audiologists train as healthcare providers and become well-versed with the tools to identify, assess, and manage hearing problems. Business acumen and sales skills are generally outside of the curriculum. Yet, for clinicians to effectively treat hearing loss, they need to sell their ideas, services, and devices to prospective patients to help them effectively. This talk aims to show clinicians that the counselling and history-taking skills they already know can be adapted to various proven sales frameworks. It will illustrate that counselling isn’t as different from “selling” as they might think. We will explore at least three well-accepted and tested models and discuss several other publications drawing parallels to our profession of Audiology. We will use clinical examples for an applied experience. By the end, clinicians will choose and adapt a framework that suits their style of clinical practice to be more effective counsellors, clinicians, and salespersons all at once.

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize counselling and history-taking skills that align with sales methodologies.
  • Choose an accepted framework that will fit with their clinical style.
  • Apply sales strategies to clinical audiology cases to effectively counsel and sell services.