MA-6: Management of Children and Adults with functional Hearing Deficits and Normal Peripheral Hearing Acuity


This presentation will focus on managing patients who present with functional hearing loss, those with a normal audiogram but present with complaints.  Defining functional hearing loss and etiologies will be addressed.  Identification of functional hearing loss, including a quick overview of specific tests and tools that can be used in this process, will be highlighted.  The main emphasis of the presentation will be on management of functional hearing loss and options that are available.  The concept of “mild gain” hearing aids will be addressed, along with potential benefits of hearing assistive technology.  Additionally, options for aural rehabilitation programs will be presented that can assist in “training/retraining” the listener to improve functional concerns. Accommodations that are beneficial in this population will be presented. The role of the audiologist in this process will be explored.   Several case reports will be offered.  Participants will be given tools that are beneficial in this population and can be implemented in their clinical practices.

Learning Objectives:

At the end of this presentation, participants will be able to:

  • Describe functional hearing loss and etiologies.
  • Discuss use of technology with this population
  • List tools and accommodations and how they can be implemented with this population.