Pre-Con B – 2: Cerumen Management and Infection Control (online theory + in-person workshop)


Pacific Audiology Group’s Comprehensive Cerumen Management hybrid course (online theory + in-person workshop) is designed for healthcare professionals who have cerumen management within their scope of practice. The program includes an online prerequisite course followed by a hands-on learning lab using state of the art simulation ears and cerumen. The program focuses on the three main methods of cerumen removal: instrumentation, irrigation and microsuction.

The online course content covers the theory of cerumen removal including ear anatomy, cerumen theory, assessment steps, cerumen characteristics, equipment training, technique, infection control, referrals, documentation, and discharge. Additionally, the online segment includes high-quality training and demonstration videos which take the user step-by-step through all aspects of performing cerumen management, ensuring students can learn by observing proper technique. The course focuses on current best practices and is designed to give the student the ability to learn from home on their own time and at their own pace. Approximately 4.5 hours in length, the online program includes quizzes to evaluate the user’s understanding throughout the course. Upon completion, a Certificate of Completion is available.

Following completion of the online course, attendees complete a fully hands-on workshop with a maximum of 6:1 student to instructor ratio. Completion of the online program is a prerequisite for attending the hands-on training. The hands-on workshop will take approximately 2.5 hours to complete. Attendees will have the opportunity to both observe and perform simulated cerumen extraction (using the CARL simulator) and potential for real extraction from attendees who give consent to have an instructor or another professional remove cerumen from their ears.

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Learning Objectives:

  • THEORY & BACKGROUND – By completing this course you will gain the theoretical knowledge necessary to safely practice cerumen management. This includes ear anatomy, cerumen composition, pathophysiology of impaction, needs and risk assessment, referrals, and documentation.
  • EQUIPMENT & TECHNIQUE – By completing this course you will learn extensively about the tools which are used to safely practice cerumen management, and you will learn the techniques used to safely remove cerumen. Upon completion, you will have a thorough understanding of the equipment and techniques commonly used in cerumen management, including lighting and magnification, softening agents, manual removal including curettes and forceps, irrigation, and micro suction.
  • PROFESSIONALISM – By completing this course you will learn about the ethical issues of informed consent and infection control as they pertain to cerumen management. You will understand that the scope of practice for cerumen management can vary based on your professional designation, regulatory body, and geographic region, and you will understand the importance of staying within your scope of practice.

* Please note, that this is a two part hybrid event, Registering for this session is registering for the the entire 2-part course (4.5 hours online plus 3 hours in-person workshop). There will be no refunds for individual parts of the program. Sales are limited to the entire 2-part hybrid online and in-person sessions.

If a person participates in the online portion, no refund will be made for the in- person portion if they do not attend. Participants must complete the online component ahead of and within one year of the in-person workshop. Those who have completed the online portion directly through Pacific Audiology Group, prior to this offering through CAA, are not eligible for any refund.

** Please note that each of the two on-site time slots for session is capped at 6 attendees for a total of 12 registrants. After the first 6 attendees to each on-site time slot have registered, we will begin a wait list for this session for future inclusion. If the session is full, and you would like to be added to the wait list for when additional opportunities for this session open up, please email the registration staff at