Pre-Con B: The Marketing Edge: A Workshop on Branding, Social Media, and Digital Strategy


The Marketing Edge: A Workshop on Branding, Social Media, and Digital Strategy offers a transformative experience for forward-thinking business owners determined to gain a competitive edge. Dive deep into the realms of branding, social media, and digital strategy, emerging with the essential knowledge and tools necessary for marketing success in today’s dynamic market. This workshop provides those attending with strategic positioning and industry insights while including a balance of hands-on touchpoints throughout the following business segments:


Understanding Branding Essentials: Learn the critical role of branding in the digital landscape, regardless of your business’s size. Gain practical insights into crafting a compelling brand identity that resonates online, equipping you with the tools to elevate your brand’s visibility and appeal.

Mastering Social Media Engagement: Cut through the social media clutter and focus on meaningful engagement. Through hands-on activities, discover how to create and share reels and videos efficiently. Navigate social media complexities to authentically engage your audience, maximizing your impact and reach.

Developing a Winning Digital Strategy: Building on your understanding of branding and social media, we will now integrate these elements into crafting a winning digital strategy. Unlock the full potential of digital strategy customized to suit your business needs. Delve into essential strategies and tools required for success, including trend analysis and best practices implementation. By the end of the session, you will possess the knowledge and skills necessary to develop a dynamic digital strategy that provides real-time insights and propels your business forward with confidence and precision.

WORKSHOP NOTE: This workshop features a hands-on component that will allow attendees to dive deep into the subject matter and truly engage with the material. To ensure you get the most out of the experience, it is recommended that attendees come prepared with an active Instagram or Facebook account.