Pre-Con C: Widex Zen Therapy Accreditation


The evidence supporting the efficacy of Widex Zen Therapy is strong. Studies show that the fractal Zen tones are a highly effective way of treating tinnitus distress and promoting relaxation, and that Widex Zen Therapy can be used to successfully manage tinnitus.

Join Senior Audiologist Steven Pugsley as guides you through Widex Zen Therapy Training and Accreditation. Learn the tools you need to be a tinnitus leader in your practice and community. In this course you will learn how to implement Widex Zen Therapy’s five step procedure for easy clinic implementation, be able to quickly identify a client’s level of tinnitus distress and use the four components of Widex Zen Therapy resources to address all the aspects and dimension of tinnitus distress.

Learning Objectives:

After this course, participants will be able to

  • identify tinnitus distress levels
  • combine the Widex Zen Therapy components of Counselling, Amplification, Sound Stimulation & Relaxation into an individualized management plan
  • program Widex Zen/Sound Relax using Compass GPS.