SA-6: New Horizons in Remote Hearing Health Care


As a group, people with hearing loss have been underserved or even unserved, either because of geographic barriers or because impaired access to hearing healthcare professionals. Fortunately, within the last couple of years, that landscape of hearing healthcare has changed dramatically, and more people are receiving services, thanks to teleaudiology, online marketplaces, and hearing healthcare digital therapeutics (DTx). In this presentation, we will review each of these three key components of remote care and discuss how audiologists can integrate them into the standard of practice, even if their primary business is conducted in a brick and motor setting. Specifically, in Session 1, the topic will be “How to incorporate aural rehabilitation into clinical practice”. The emphasis will be on how to introduce aural rehabilitation to your patients, how to make it a profit center, and the subsequent benefits to both your patients and your practice.  In Session 2, the topic will be “Rehab-Digital Therapeutics”, and will include both OTCs and DTxs, and ways to monitor patient progress remotely.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the components of remote hearing healthcare and how they might benefit patients.
  • List the components of a digital health therapeutic (DTx).
  • Describe the benefits to a client and to clinicians of using a hearing healthcare DTx.