FP-6: Managing Recurrent Otitis Media in Children with Bone Conduction Hearing Devices


The prevalence of otitis media and associated conductive hearing loss in children is well documented, as are the implications hearing loss has on a child’s speech and language development and their academic performance. This presentation will present bone conduction hearing devices (BCHD) as an effective treatment option for many patients who experience hearing loss due to complications from persistent otitis media. Additionally, the advancement in bone conduction technology has expanded candidacy criteria to meet the needs of more patients who experience difficulty wearing traditional air conduction hearing aids due to chronic middle ear disease. We will discuss BCHD use in special populations including Trisomy 21, Cleft Lip and Palate and medically complex patients. Evaluation, fitting and counseling considerations specific to this population will be reviewed and supporting cases will be presented.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe benefits of BCHD for hearing loss associated with chronic otitis media
  • List candidacy and clinical considerations for BCHD use in children with chronic otitis media.
  • Identify multiple patient scenarios in which a BCHD is a good solution for hearing loss associated with otitis media.