TA-5: Preceptor Education: Mentoring Gen Z students


Clinical supervision is an essential component of all audiology educational programs.  Without mentorship, the future of audiology is dismal. During this session, barriers and benefits of clinical education will be discussed within the context of current student characteristics.  Generation Z students have unique characteristics (both strengths and challenges).  Some of these may have been a direct result of the recent impact of the pandemic experience.  Challenging clinical education scenarios will be presented and discussed to enhance skill development from an audiologic perspective.  Strategies for your toolbox will be presented to mitigate challenges and promote positive placement outcomes.  

Educational institutions recognize the importance of supporting novice and experienced clinical educators as they are pivotal in training the next generation of audiologists.  Novice, experienced and curious clinicians along with students are encouraged to attend this session to learn new ways to connect and benefit through the mentorship relationship.  How to best support clinicians and students will be explored and discussed.  

Learning Objectives:  

  • Learn what student-centred placement looks like.
  • Describe the barriers to hosting a student.       
  • Describe the benefits of Clinical Education. 
  • Learn about the strengths and challenges of Gen Z students and how to approach mentorship. 
  • Learn how the Pandemic has impacted how institutions and clinical educators have approached mentorship.
  • Learn about Student Accommodations- what kind of accommodations in the clinical setting are appropriate.
  • Learn strategies for mentoring struggling students- what to do in the moment, next steps, when to reach out for support.