CAA Conference 2023 registration rates appear below.

Key Dates:

Early Bird Deadline July 13, 2023 (midnight ET)
Last Day for Refunds September 27, 2023
Last Day for Conference Rates at the Delta Ottawa City Centre Hotel, Ottawa September 21, 2023
Last Day for Online Registration October 10, 2023
On-Site Registration (based on availability) October 11, 2023

CAA Conference 2023 Registration Rates

  Fee HST (13%) Total
Pre-Conference A (Misophonia) & C (Tinnitus)
Full day pre-conference registrants will receive lunch with their registration fee
**See below for details
Member $303.00 $39.39 $342.39
Non-Member $398.00 $51.74 $449.74
Student Member $285.00 $37.05 $322.05
Student Non-Member $375.00 $48.75 $423.75
Early Career Member $285.00 $37.05 $322.05
Pre-Conference B (Cerumen)
**See below for details
Member $375.00 $48.75 $423.75
Non-Member $450.00 $58.50 $508.50
Student Member $350.00 $45.50 $395.50
Student Non-Member $425.00 $55.25 $480.25
Early Career Member $425.00 $55.25 $580.25
Early Bird Registration
*See below for package details
Member $594.00 $77.22 $671.22
Non-Member $966.00 $125.58 $1,091.58
Regular Registration
*See below for package details
Member $679.00 $88.27 $767.27
Non-Member $1,058.00 $137.54 $1,195.54
On-site Registration
*See below for package details
Member $679.00 $88.27 $767.27
Non-Member $1,058.00 $137.54 $1,195.54
1-day Registration
Please indicate Thursday, Friday, or Saturday.
***See below for details
Member $328.00 $42.64 $370.64
Non-Member $536.00 $69.68 $605.68
Early Career Registration
Members who have graduated within one year of the conference – intended to assist those who have not practised long enough to afford full conference expenses
Member $360.00 $46.80 $406.80
Student Registration
*See below for package details
Member $156.00 $20.28 $176.28
Non-Member $333.00 $43.29 $376.29
Student Volunteer
Complimentary registration for student volunteers – students will receive information on this option prior to the conference
  - - -
Industry and Sponsor Event   $117.00 $15.21 $132.21
Companion Package
Opening Reception, President's Lunch, Exhibitor Reception, and Friday Lunch in the Exhibit Hall.
  $212.00 $27.56 $239.56

* All full packages include opening reception Wednesday; all education sessions and CAA scheduled conference breaks and conference meals Thursday, Friday, and Saturday; entry to the Industry and Sponsor reception Thursday, and Industry and Sponsors event and meals Friday. Any sponsored breakfast symposiums are owned by the individual sponsor, and are attended by invitation only by the companies sponsoring the specific symposium, and are not considered part of the CAA full registration package. Such sponsored breakfast symposiums will be announced by the companies later.

** Pre-Conference sessions are an additional fee aside from full conference, one day, companion, and industry and sponsor event only prices.

*** One day registrations are available for all Conference days (Thursday through Saturday), but are not applicable for Wednesday Pre-Conference sessions.

**** The Canadian Academy of Audiology is constantly evaluating the situation regarding Covid and its health risks and will continue to take the advice of the provincial, and local governments to keep all conference attendees safe. Your health and safety are important to CAA. If we choose to implement a somewhat stronger level of vigilance at the time of the conference, we will share our efforts to accommodate health considerations prior to the event so you know what to expect.

Once registered for the conference please continue to check your email for any updates regarding health measures, and how they will affect your conference attendance.

Please review the Program sessions before you register for the CAA Conference to be prepared to select the sessions you will be attending.

Please note that you will need your member number to register for the conference. To find your member number, first login to your profile then click the yellow View Profile/Edit Profile button. This will take you to your Membership Details page. You will find your number just below your name, which is in bold.


Canadian Academy of Audiology (CAA) has contracted Meeting Management Services Inc (MMS) to provide registration services for the 2023 CAA Conference and Exhibition.

If you wish to pay by cheque please complete the Registration form and mail it to us.